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We are dedicated to your success in everything we do. It's who we are. We want to do everything we can to help you, our industry, and our country succeed. That is why we are American made. It is why we offer unrivaled service and training, and why we design equipment that is innovative, reliable, and rugged because that is what you need.

Expert Training Services
Roadtec feels that one of the most important and rewarding services we can provide our customers is training. Whether it is service and maintenance training or operations and best practices training, our expert service and application personnel can fill that need.

At Roadtec, we feel so strongly about providing the best quality equipment that we are now offering the EDGE extended equipment warranty on all main product lines.

Roadtec Shuttle Buggy

The All New MTV-1105e

For the first time, Roadtec offers a rubber track Material Transfer Vehicle: The MTV-1105e. Get all the benefits of Roadtec’s great MTVs while on softer bases and easily pass over bridges without concern. Keep your crew safe with better visibility and easier communication.

Go Anywhere on Rubber Tracks
Other transfer machines can be plagued with restrictions because of their weight. This machine does not face those issues. Whether paving on a softer base or traveling over a bridge, sometimes tires just aren’t right for the job. The MTV-1105e uses rubber tracks based on the system already proven on the RP-195e paver. If your paver can traverse the job, this machine will deliver material with confidence.

Blend Consistently with Triple Pitch Augers
Triple pitch augers, like those that remix in the Shuttle Buggies, are on the MTV-1105e. Placed in the front dump hopper, these augers work to blend materials where the largest selection is available. Sized for mass discharge from standard haul trucks, the front hopper allows trucks to unload fast. The C1 dump hopper floor is angled and has a vibrating plate to help keep material moving.

Improved Comfort and Safety
The innovative platform on the MTV-1105e makes every jobsite better for your crew. The staircase allows safe crossing of the paving line. The lower vantage point offers excellent visibility and easier communication with ground crew. Roadtec’s Comfort Drive system lowers operator fatigue and simplifies the job.

Big Results with a Small Package
The profile of Roadtec’s new MTV-1105 is like no other transfer machine you have seen before. Get simple transport; don’t give up performance.

Material Transfer Vehicles

Material transfer vehicles offer several unique advantages to the process of constructing asphalt pavements, including issues associated with trucking as well as material and thermal segregation. Roadtec MTVs are designed to lower operating costs allowing for continuous paving and reducing the number of haul trucks needed. Roadtec offers three different models of material transfer vehicles to address the needs of any hot or warm mix asphalt project.


The MTV-1100e transfers asphalt material from a truck to a paver for non-contact paving. All new operator station gives exceptional visibility from the dump hopper across the low-profile design back to the paver. This position allows the option of the main operator signaling truck dumps while leading the paver.


The Roadtec Shuttle Buggy® material transfer vehicle SB-1500 features a low weight and narrower wheel base. It can store up to 15 tons (13.6 mt) of asphalt mix, allowing haul vehicles to unload as soon as they arrive. This substantially reduces trucking costs. The SB-1500 features an end dump hopper or an optional windrow pickup head. It also features the patented anti-segregation auger which remixes materials for control of aggregate and temperature segregation.


The SB-2500e/ex Shuttle Buggy® material transfer vehicle (MTV) can store and transfer hot-mixed asphalt material from a truck to a paver for continuous paving. A patented anti-segregation auger remixes materials just before they are delivered to the asphalt paver. The 25-ton surge capacity of the Shuttle Buggy® MTV allows trucks to unload material immediately and return to the asphalt plant. Optional windrow pickup head is available. The SB-2500e/ex is powered by a 300 hp Cummins® QSL 9 Engine.

Milling Machines

Our cold planers offer solid design features, systems that are simple to troubleshoot, and low cost of operation. Three of our four models are available in 3-track and 4-track configurations, and each Roadtec machine is compatible with the exclusive Guardian Remote Telematics system.


The RX-100e is a highly efficient utility milling machine for use in smaller areas. The machine's tight turn radius allows it to easily cut around manhole covers and other obstructions in the roadway. This versatile machine cuts up to 8 inches deep and 20 inches wide.


Roadtec’s RX-300 compact milling machine combines maneuverability with high performance to easily operate in a wide range of applications. With a base cutting width of 48” (1.2 m) and the capability of cutting up to 12” (305 mm) deep, the RX-300 is excellent for both commercial applications and narrow milling projects. 100° load-out conveyor swing capability allows the machine to easily discharge material in a wider range of environments.


The RX-600e/ex is a 675 horsepower cold planer available with 4-track assemblies or optional 3-track assemblies. This lighter weight versatile machine allows contractor to cut up to 13” (330 m) deep with width of 6'3" (1.9 m), 6'7" (2 m), or 7'2" (2.184 m). The RX-600e is light and maneuverable for urban situations. A two-stage front loadout conveyor, with 60° swing to either side, provides ample loading capacity.


Featuring a 755 hp (563 kW) Caterpillar engine, the RX-700e/ex milling machine is available with either four-track or three-track assemblies. Built with the Roadtec focus on balanced weight distribution, the RX-700e/ex is a heavy duty machine that is user-friendly in both operation and maintenance. The machine cuts up to 14” (35.6 cm) deep. Standard widths are 6'7" (201cm), 7'2" (218 cm), 8'2" (249cm), and 10' (305cm). Like all Roadtec planers, this model features 60° front load-out conveyor swing. The optional VCSTM Variable Cutter System for cutting widths of 24”, 36” and 48” (60cm, 91cm, and 121cm) is also offered for this model.


With 950 hp (708kW) the RX-900e/ex is the most productive cold planer available. Power and heavy-duty construction make the RX-900e/ex the tool to own for high-productivity, half-lane or full-lane milling. This cold planer is available with either four-track or three-track assemblies. The machine cuts up to 14” (35.6 cm) deep and can be outfitted to work with different cutting widths. Standard widths are 7’2” (218cm), 8’2” (249cm), 12’ (366cm), 12’6” (381cm), and 13’ (396cm). Additional custom width can be supplied. Like all Roadtec planers this model features 60° front load-out conveyor swing. All Roadtec cold planers are designed for ease of maintenance and repair.

Cold in Place Recycling

At Roadtec, our RX-700e/ex and RX-900e/ex milling machines are available with bolt-on packages that equip them for cold in place recycling projects. With bi-directional functionality, these machines make it easy to down cut for better sizing. Providing the ultimate in versatility, the RT-500 can be paired with our RX-900 to create a cold in place recycling machine, or it can function on its own as a mix plant, allowing for more efficient processing of reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP). Whatever your needs, Roadtec asphalt recycling equipment is up to the challenge.

CIR Milling Machines

Both the RX-700e/ex and RX-900e/ex milling machines can be equipped with bolt-on packages that allow them to be used for Cold-In-Place Recycle (CIR). Since both machines are bi-directional, meaning that they can cut in forward or reverse, it's easy to switch to a down cut configuration. Simply work in reverse. Down cutting improves the control of material sizing and is advantageous in CIR applications. An additive spray bar is mounted on the cutter housing to inject emulsion or foamed asphalt into the cutter housing. The additive is then thoroughly blended with the milled material by the cutter drum and can be left in a windrow or fed by the conveyor directly into a paver.


The RT-500 is a top of the line mobile recycle trailer that can either be fed and pulled by an RX-900 for Cold-In-Place Recycle or set up on a site as a Cold Mobile Mix Plant. With a rating of 500 tph it is capable of recycling miles of road in an extremely short amount of time. The advantage of the RT-500 is its closed loop sizing thanks to the onboard vibratory screen and horizontal shaft impact crusher. This also prevents you from having to pre-process your RAP when you use the RT-500 as a cold-mix plant. The RT-500 also has a weigh bridge on board to ensure extremely accurate additive injection in the pugmill.


Roadtec soil stabilizers and road reclaimers are designed to perform in a wide variety of applications with the dependability of all other Roadtec machines. Each machine is well balanced and constructed with a sealed box frame to make them as durable and versatile as possible. Whether used for road rehabilitation, cold recycling, or soil stabilization, the Roadtec stabilizer-reclaimers are up to the task.


The SX-2e is a task-specific soil stabilizer with a rear mount cutter designed to perform small to medium sized projects with ease and reliability. The machine’s 380 hp (283 kW) is carefully distributed to conduct quality results in a number of project environments. The SX-2e cutter housing is positioned behind the tractor for excellent mobility. A high efficiency hydrostatic drum drive powers the cutter drum.


The Roadtec mid-size SX-6e/ex soil stabilizer-reclaimer features a clean-running 600 hp (447 kW) Cummins® QSX15 engine. It joins the larger 755 hp (563 kW) model in the company’s line of stabilizers-reclaimers. The SX-6e/ex complies with Tier 4 interim and Stage IIIb emission standards. The SX-6e is balanced and powerful. Four cutting speeds and right-hand flush cut allow you to use the SX-6e/ex for a range of projects including stabilizing, pulverizing, or cold recycling.


The Roadtec SX-8e soil stabilizer-reclaimer features a clean-running 755 hp (563 kW) CAT® C18 engine. It is the largest, most powerful model in the company’s line of stabilizers-reclaimers. The SX-8e complies with Tier 4 interim and Stage IIIb emission standards. Weighing in at approximately 83,000 lbs (37,648 kg), the SX-8e is balanced and powerful. Four cutting speeds and right-hand flush cut allow you to use the SX-8e for a range of projects including stabilizing, pulverizing, or cold recycling.


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Used 1999 ROADTEC Shuttle Buggy SB-2500B, Material Transfer Vehicle Serial number #499, Approximately 12 000 working hours.

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Used 2007 ROADTEC Shuttle Buggy SB-2500D, Material Transfer Vehicle Serial number #934, 5 960 working hours.

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