The SEAMAN GUNNISON label represents a tradition of innovation and leadership in the construction industry that has been in existence for more than 6 decades. Today, SEAMAN GUNNISON is an indisputable standard in this industry.

SEAMAN GUNNISON was the first to design and manufacture a self-propelled rotary floor stabilizer, which was used with great success by the allies during the Second World War on the European front. With this technology they built airplanes with unparalleled speed, using native soils. Today there are high production equipment on the market, manufactured by large firms, which use the SEAMAN GUNNISON principle.

In the 21st century, with the new ECO-SEAMAN era, the determination of SEAMAN GUNNISON is to maintain that tradition. Continue raising the parameters of the industry through the improvement and continuous innovation of our products and the incorporation of the most advanced components and manufacturing processes in the market, all this backed by the best customer service and continuous support.

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