Seaman Gunnison

Seaman Gunnison

The SEAMAN GUNNISON Brand has represented a tradition of leadership and innovation in the construction industry for more than 6 decades. Today, SEAMAN GUNNISON is an industry standard.

SEAMAN GUNNISON was the first company to design and build a rotating in-site soil stabilizer, used by the allied front with great success in WWII. With this technology, they were able to build landing strips using native soil with unparalell speed. Today, many world renowned brands use this technology.

We presented to the world the DUO-PACTOR, the first self-propelled articulated compactor, with combined pneumatic and steel compaction. It was able to vary compaction pressure swiftly and easily using a hydraulic lever. To this day, few compactors atain the compaction density desired with the speed of the DUO-PACTOR.


Mixing Plants

Mobile cold mix plants with varying capacities ranging from 50,100,200 & 400tph units. Units can be fitted with foam bitumen systems & cement silos as per requirements

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